Above Grade Freestanding Walls using Recon Freestanding Block
The Recon Freestanding Block can be used to make a 24 inch (30cm) deep above grade freestanding wall. The freestanding wall can be above equal finished grades on both sides, creating a solid fence. It can also be stacked on top of a Recon retaining wall, creating a parapet.

The maximum height of freestanding Recon walls is different for fences and parapet walls. Based on a 50 lb/ft pedestrian load located 42 inches above finished grade and a 15 psf wind load, the maximum height of freestanding walls is as follows:

Fence = 86.5 inches (5 blocks and a cap), set 6 inches below grade. 

Parapet = 54.5 inches (3 blocks and a cap).

The Recon Freestanding Block has an end-to-end tongue and groove design for stability and for prevention of visible gaps between the blocks. It also allows for construction of curved walls.

A small gap between textured faces will open up on curved walls. To avoid this, the wings and tongue can be cut. For the minimum radius allowed – 15 feet – the gap is about 5 inches. The larger the radius, the smaller the gap becomes.

Recon recommends that owners define a maximum allowed gap, so that Contractors know whether they will need to cut the blocks on the radii.


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