With constant construction and improvement taking place in our transportation network, cities and states need a product that can be used in a variety of conditions. Capable of supporting heavy loads and tailored to fit specific projects, Recon’s gravity wall system and reinforced wall system are the products of choice for many DOT retaining wall applications. Made from wet-cast, air entrained concrete, Recon blocks can withstand the harsh road salts in colder climates and provide the construction efficiency that is needed when timing is critical.


Let’s face it, flat real estate is harder and harder to come by. Many sites require retention structures to flatten the land prior to development. Recon’s gravity wall system and reinforced system give you options tailored to the conditions. With a variety of face textures that can be stained to match building facades plus the flexibility to add freestanding blocks to customize the wall, Recon is the perfect product choice for your next commercial development project.


With five face textures to choose from and multiple ways to customize your top-of-wall finish, Recon is a great choice for your backyard transformation. From small seat walls to large structural walls, the Recon system has the flexibility to meet your design needs. Want an integrated planter? Not a problem. Need stair units to match? We have those. When it comes to creating a backyard space that is not only aesthetically appealing but will also withstand the test of time, Recon has the products and resources to create the project of your dreams.

Specialty Applications

From football fields to local parks and channel lining to headwalls, Recon’s wall systems are used in a variety of specialty applications. With a wide variety of block shapes and sizes and the ability to customize and tailor your solution, Recon is the perfect product choice for unique situations that require earth retention. Over the years many specialty applications have been completed using Recon’s wall systems, each with their own unique look and feel.

Not Seeing an Application that Fits Your Project?

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