Project Profiles
Arrowhead Wall – Brookfield, CT

In March 2023, the Arrowhead Beach Association engaged CT Precast for a project originally slated to commence before Memorial Day. However, due to geotechnical considerations, the decision was made to initiate the project after Labor Day. The Recon wall was implemented as a replacement for an aging wall that was starting to fail. The block was delivered by LRM pick-up and CT Precast in a single day. The entire wall construction process was completed in less than two weeks.

Local Supplier: CT Precast.

Structure: Gravity Retaining Wall.

Objective: Replace the aging wall with a Recon wall to ensure improved structural integrity. This enhancement contributes to the long-term stability and safety of the structure. The replacement also contributes to the visual appeal of the area.

Challenges Faced: Geotechnical concerns.


  1. Enhanced Structural Integrity
  2. Improved Aesthetics
  3. Property Value Preservation

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