Attach a railing to Recon Walls

It is sometimes necessary to attach railing on or behind Recon walls. The International Building Code (IBC) requires guardrails along open sided walking surfaces with a grade separation of 30 inches or taller. IBC provides loading requirements for the railing, specifically, at least a 50 pounds per linear foot railing live load located 42 inches above grade. Given the mass of Recon blocks, our walls are well suited for railings and these loading requirements.

Using Recon, it is not a problem to attach a railing to the top of the Recon wall. Smaller block systems usually require the railing to be placed 3 feet behind the wall face. Placing the railing on top of the wall saves space, deters children from walking on top of the wall, and makes mowing near the wall easier. 

Railings are typically connected to the Recon wall with an anchor plate and anchors. A 39 inch deep block is required to withstand the pedestrian railing loading. Our 39 inch top block can be used as a single block solution. Alternatively, using a 24 inch full height cap block attached to a 39 inch middle block below it is also an option. Attaching Recon blocks can be accomplished by installing grout and rebar into precast or cored holes in the blocks. Another connection option is using steel angle brackets to connect the units together.