Staining and sealing allow for customization of any of our products. When applied by experienced professionals, concrete stains combined with the realistic stone appearance of Recon textures can produce a wall nearly indistinguishable from natural stone. The options used to achieve these effects include waterborne concrete stains, acid etch stains, and hybrid stains that combine features of both, while sealing boosts the durability without changing the desired look of the wall.

Block Staining

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Water Born Stains

Waterborne stains – most stained Recon walls involve a base coat with several highlight colors to replicate the natural look of stone. Features of this application process include:

  • Easy application
  • Wide range of colors
  • Most environmentally-friendly

Acid Etch Stains

Acid etch stains – features of this application process include:

  • Complex application
  • Deep colors such as dark brown and rust
  • Natural color variation for authenticity

Hybrid stains – involves a combination of waterborne and acid etch stains for a customization involving both applications.

Block Sealing

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This application is applied in some cases to amplify Recon’s already durable structures, and does not affect the aesthetics.

Features include:

  • Moisture absorption reduction
  • Protection against harsh impact of road salt

Staining & Sealing Resources

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