Estimating Installation Time for Recon Walls

If you are a contractor quoting your first Recon project, here are some guidelines for estimating the labor and installation time. The guidelines are based on the following assumptions:

  • Installing a Recon Gravity Wall
  • Involves a reasonably straight wall (no corners, bends, tight radii, building connections)
  • Utilizing a 2-3 man crew (1 excavator operator, 1 skid steer operator, 1 ground laborer to set blocks) 
  • Is machine set using skid steer with lifting loop and excavator with steel cable and hook 
  • Preliminary excavation already completed down to subgrade
  • Recon blocks staged within 50 feet (15m) of the wall and ready for installation

Installation Rates:

  • Leveling Pad and Base Course Installation Time: 80-100 sf/man/day (8-10 sm/man/day). 
  • Middle/Top Course Installation Time: 150-225 sf/man/day (15-23 sm/man/day). 

Installation rates vary based on the experience of the crew.

Typically, a skidsteer is used to ferry blocks to an excavator stationed at the wall. The excavator is used to set the blocks. A ground laborer guides the block down, checks for level and makes adjustments.

Other factors to consider that may impact installation rates: 

  • Cutting blocks in the field (10-15 minutes per block).
  • Number of minutes to prepare a base course step-up (15-20 minutes).
  • Number of minutes to place/compact backfill material behind the wall.