Geosynthetic reinforced soil – Integrated bridge system (GRS-IBS) is a unique retaining wall installation that helps reduce bridge construction time and cost. Closely spaced geogrid reinforcement is layer in, along with Recon as the facing unit, to create a composite mass that is capable of supporting and carrying the load of the bridge above. GRS-IBS applications eliminate the need for deep foundations and specialty construction trades which accelerates construction and reduces costs. Additionally, GRS-IBS walls can be construction in a variety of conditions due to the flexibility in design.
Recon Block

Recon’s 16” (40.6cm) or 24” (61cm) deep block is used as the facing unit for the bridge abutment and can be installed with or without setback.

Geosynthetic Reinforcement

Closely spaced layers of reinforcement are installed between and behind the Recon blocks to reinforce the soil.

Bearing Bed Reinforcement

Additional layers of geosynthetic reinforcement are layer in the area directly beneath the bridge bearing location.

Bridge Superstructure

The bridge superstructure is installed directly on top of the reinforced soil and is fully supported by the reinforced soils below.

Advantages to using Recon

Many GRS-IBS projects are designed by state and local authorities using the Federal Highways Administrations design guide using generic retaining wall blocks.

Here are a few of the advantages of building this wall type using Recon:

Walls can be built with or without setback depending on the project conditions
Recon units are specifically designed to accommodate corners, curves, or bends
Recon units provide long-term, lasting durability by using wet-cast concrete

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