Case Studies
Huntridge Road Orchards Channel, Roanoke, VA
The existing drainage channel at the Orchards Subdivision in Roanoke, VA was prone to significant erosion during heavy rain events. The County set out to reduce the erosion, slow the flow of the runoff, and enhance the beauty of the channel. In addition, a retention pond area would be created with weirs to collect runoff before the water entered the existing culverts built into a headwall as the runoff flowed underneath Huntridge Road.

The result was a great looking retention basin and two weirs, all constructed of Recon Northshore Granite Gravity Wall Blocks. The construction was handled by the Storm Water Operations Division. Jeffery Altice, Storm Water Operations Supervisor, indicated that they had built many walls in the past, but this was by far easier on the team from a physical perspective.

Given that the Blocks were machine set, a small group of employees could construct the wall with minimal effort. And even though this was their first Recon Wall, the learning process was very easy.

Boxley Materials supplied the blocks for this project, with the engineering completed by Mike Circeo.



Orchards Channel


Huntridge Rd., Roanoke, VA


Recon Northshore Granite

Recon Manufacturer:

Boxley Materials Company

Wall Area:

925 SF

Wall Contractor:

Roanoke County


Circeo Reotech Engineering

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