Proper installation of a Recon Wall Systems’ retaining wall is important for ensuring the long-term performance of the wall. In general, Recon walls are fast, easy, and efficient to install with each block measuring 16”(40.6cm) by 48” (122cm) on the front face – that’s 5.33 square feet (0.5 square meters) per block! We want to make it easy for you with this quick installation overview!

Five Steps

Site Preparation and Excavation
It’s time to get the site ready for installing the wall. Care should be taken to excavate the wall area to the grades and alignment shown on the construction drawings.
Preparing and Installing the Leveling Pad
Installing and compacting a proper leveling pad is important to the long-term performance of the retaining wall.
Install the Base Course
Once the leveling pad is in, the base course is installed. As base blocks are laid, ensure they are in full contact with the leveling pad and level in all directions.
Place Additional Course, Backfill, and Compact
After the base course has been placed, continuing installing blocks while backfilling and properly compacting the soils behind the wall. Ensure proper drainage stone is placed between the blocks as well as behind.
Top of Wall Finish and Final Grading
The wall is almost finished! Choose from one of Recon’s options for top of wall finish and install the final course. Complete the final grading behind the wall promoting proper surface water drainage.

Installation Guides


General Construction Overview Guide

This guide provides a look at the overall installation of a Recon retaining wall


Corner and Curves Guide

This guide provides information for proper installation of corners and curves for a Recon wall.


Top of Wall Finishing Guide

Recon offers several options for finishing the top of the wall. This guide provides information on those options.

Installation Overview Resources

Wall Design Software

Click below to learn about our cross sectional retaining wall software for determining your final wall design. The software includes many features that will help your process.

Learn More

Installation Instructions

Recon offers a few comprehensive guides to installing a Recon Wall System including a Corners & Curves Guide, Design Overview Guide & Top of Wall Finishing Guide.

View Instructions

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