Recon Walls with Outside and Inside Corners

An Architect or Engineer might need to specify a corner when laying out a Recon wall. To accommodate outside corners, Recon developed a corner block that is finished on the 48 inch (122 cm) face and the 24 inch (61 cm) edge. This allows for an outside 90 degree corner to be constructed. The corner block is only intended for outside 90 degree corners. Corners that are 5 degrees smaller or larger than 90 are not recommended. Instead, a combination of radius / 90 degrees outside corner should be used.

Inside 90 degree corners can also be constructed with Recon. It requires interlocking Recon blocks at the corner and removal of half the shear key where the blocks overlap.

Oblique inside and outside corners are also able to be constructed using Half blocks and Fitting blocks. Not all oblique corner angles can be constructed. Outside oblique corners with angles of 145 degrees to 180 degrees can be constructed with a Fitting block and a Half block. Inside oblique corners with angles from 90 degrees to 118 degrees can be constructed with a fitting block and a support block.

Details for outside and inside corners can be found on our “Corners and Curves” construction detail drawings.