Reinforced Retaining Walls

Like other mechanically stabilized earth retention systems, Recon’s Reinforced Retaining Wall System utilizes geo-grid to support and reinforce the soil. Other features include efficient construction and a variety of face textures and top-of-wall finishes to choose from.

What is a Reinforced Retaining Wall?

A Reinforced Retaining Wall is a composite structure incorporating layers of geo-grid to reinforce backfill material creating a solid, reinforced mass. Capable of supporting a variety of load conditions and reaching heights in excess of 40 feet (12m), Recon’s Reinforced Wall System is a great choice when you need to maximize usable space at the top of the wall.

Retaining Wall Block and Geogrid

Recon’s 16” (40.6cm) or 24” (61cm) deep block combined with geogrid creates a solid, reinforced mass to ensure proper wall performance and design for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) applications.

Site Geometry

In addition to wall heights, lengths, and layout, site-plans (grading plans) offer additional information about adjacent structures, surcharges, site access, property lines, utility locations and site drainage.

Wall Geometry

The geometry will be dictated by the specifics of the project site and topography. Geometry for each wall generally consists of: wall length, wall height and the location of corners and curves.

Soils Information

Soil is one of the main components of the struction. Soils come in numerous types and compositions. Therefore, Soil properities are used in the wall analysis to predict a wall’s overall performance.

Reasons to choose a Recon Reinforced Wall System

Durable Facing Unit

Wet-cast concrete has a proven long-term durability.

Construction Efficiency

Machine set with fewer base course step ups required.

More Top of Wall Options

Many different ways to finish your wall by using our freestanding system.

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Reinforced Wall Blocks

Reinforced Middle
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Reinforced Reversible Corner
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Reinforced Half
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Reinforced Fitting Right
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Reinforced Fitting Left
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Available Block Textures

Northshore Granite
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LeSueur County Limestone
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Old World
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Weathered Edge
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Reinforced Retaining Wall Resources

Construction Detail Drawings

We have a comprehensive set of details for both retaining wall designers and retaining wall contractors. There are also downloadable options.

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Reinforced Wall Charts

A set of charts intended to give the user a general understanding of the capabilities of the Recon reinforced wall system under a variety of soil and loading conditions.

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Stillwater Mills, Stillwater, MN

How to design for a 12.2 m (40 ft) change in grade along the backside of a proposed upscale condominium project located along the St. Croix River.

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