Recon Half Blocks, Fitting Blocks, and Corner Blocks

Lots of people ask questions like, “How do I build an outside corner considering the 1” setback?” or “My wall abuts up to a building, do I need to cut a Recon block in half?” These are very important questions. Fortunately, Recon has special blocks available to handle these scenarios. Half blocks, Fitting Blocks and Corner Blocks were developed to solve these unavoidable problems.

Half Blocks are used when abutting up to a vertical structure. Fitting blocks are used when cutting is required to maintain the running bond within an outside radius or when the course of Recon blocks does not evenly fit within a limited space. Corner Blocks are used to create outside right corners.

A good contractor or engineer will try to specify the location of Half Blocks, Corner Blocks and Fitting Blocks in order to make a seamless installation of a Recon Wall.


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