Case Studies
Retention Pond, Plymouth, MN

An office complex in Plymouth, MN needed to replace a failing retaining wall while minimizing damage to the existing parking lot and tying into the existing stormwater inlet pipes and outlet structure.

To minimize the impact on existing conditions, the Recon gravity wall system was chosen. Block durability was also key, given the deicing chemicals used on the parking lot and the freeze thaw conditions found in Minnesota.

Recon’s gravity wall system provided the least disruption to existing structures and its wet-cast air-entrained concrete met the durability criteria.

Construction required dewatering the retention pond and then a short installation turnaround to protect the surrounding structures.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not want to cooperate. It rained 9″ over the construction timeframe, requiring several de-watering efforts. The finished wall has a maximum height of 10’8″.



Retention Pond


Plymouth, MN


Recon Le Seuer County Limestone

Recon Manufacturer:

Forterra Pipe and Precast

Wall Area:

5,000 SF

Wall Contractor:

Hardscape Construction


Civil Design Professionals

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