From football fields to local parks and channel lining to headwalls, Recon’s wall systems are used in a variety of specialty applications. With a wide variety of block shapes and sizes and the ability to customize and tailor your solution, Recon is the perfect product choice for unique situations that require earth retention. Over the years many specialty applications have been completed using Recon’s wall systems, each with their own unique look and feel.

Parks & Athletic Fields

Solutions for areas that require separation and densification of unique spaces


Solutions that work with the elements to create a comfortable and ambient atmosphere

Headwalls & Culvert Openings

Solutions for situations when you want to do it right and do it once

Channel Walls

Durable solutions that prevent waterway overflow-related damages

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Specialty Resources

Construction Detail Drawings

We have a comprehensive set of details for both retaining wall designers and retaining wall contractors. There are also downloadable options.

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Retaining Wall Design Charts

This set of charts is intended to give the user a general understanding of the capabilities of the Recon gravity wall system under a variety of soil and loading conditions.

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