Case Studies
Texas Residence, Fort Worth, TX
A homeowner in Fort Worth TX wanted to create some privacy as well as noise mitigation for his personal residence that runs along a busy street. Aesthetics were
high on the priority list, along with durability of the product. Recon Northshore Granite supplied by Superior Concrete Products was chosen to retain an elevated grade that would then support the precast privacy fence. The wall transitions from a single wall to a double terraced wall.

This required some craftsmanship from the contractor at the point where the wall separated and transitioned from one to two walls. Caps were cut to accommodate the transition in a seamless manor. Great care was taken to insure adequate drainage behind the retaining walls, incorporating drainage stone but also using a perforated PVC drain tile that tied directly into the city storm system. The Recon Block was stained, using a color that was mixed with a fine sand to introduce some additional texture to the surface of the block.



Texas Residence


Fort Worth, TX


Recon Northshore Granite

Recon Manufacturer:

Superior Concrete Products

Wall Area:

1,000 SF

Wall Contractor:

Superior Concrete Products

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