Recon currently offers five face block texture options to licensed manufacturers. Most producers choose and maintain inventory for one texture option as their standard, offering the other textures as special orders. Multiple block texture options help to create a natural look that blends in with the surrounding landscape. Check with your local producer to see available options.

See Recon’s current texture offerings, below:

Northshore Granite

Provides the full 48” X 16” (122cm X 40.6cm) face size in a natural weathered granite finish. It looks great unstained.

LeSueur County Limestone

Takes its name from the natural limestone found on Minnesota’s river bluffs and used to construct retaining walls. It features the full 48” X 16” (122cm X 40.6cm) face size.

Old World

Represents a departure from ReCon’s natural stone textures, featuring a smooth face retaining wall block with chamfered edges. It is great for replicating an old industrial block feel; or, a contemporary setting when clean straight lines are desired.


Offers 8” (20.3cm) coursing with individual block faces running from 8” to 30” (20.3cm to 76.2cm) in width. Rustic provides a great looking retaining wall in its natural grey concrete finish.

Weathered Edge

Creates a natural stacked stone retaining wall appearance with a comfortable randomness and an enhanced depth of texture. The stone sizes range in heights from 3” to 16” (7.6cm to 20.3cm) and widths from 9” to 48” (22.9cm to 122cm).

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